Happy Navratri 2018

Happy Navratri 2018: Navaratri is the festival of Lord Durga’s worship. It comes twice a year. Chaitra Navaratri is celebrated in the beginning of summer while the Shardhi Navaratri is celebrated in October-November. Chaitra Navaratri has started from March 18 this year. The culmination of this festival of 9 days will be on March 25. With the onset of Chaitra Navaratri, Hindu New Year also begins. Since this day, the calculation of the new almanac begins. On the first day of Navratri, the decrease is established. After this, devotees keep a 9-day fast. The bride is worshiped on the tenth day and after that fasting is opened. This year Saptami and Ashtami dates are coming together on the same day. Therefore this year Navaratri will be 8 days only.

Happy Navratri 2018 Wishes SMS, Messages

Navaratri is an important festival of Hinduism. People with their fasting, worship etc. also greet their loved ones with this festival. In addition, Mother also wishes everyone to be efficient by Durga. People use social media to send good wishes. Today we are going to tell you about some such good wishes which you can use to give your loved ones the blessings of Navratri.

Happy Navratri 2018 Images

This is the festival of Mother’s worship, this is the festival 
of devotion of 9 forms of mother , this is the festival of 
bad deeds, the festival 
of burning in the heart of devotion. 
Happy Navratri! Give these wonderful photos and pictures of Goddesses to all of Navratri wishes.

Happy Navratri 2018 images

The punishment is darbar and a flame is shameless, 
those who awaken awake, those who awaken 
, my mother has smiled at the temple.

Happy Navratri 2018 SMS

Where is Sarah in whose shelter, in 
the stage of 
that mother , we are the dust of the feet of that mother, 
come together to give to the mother the flowers of reverence. 
Auspicious navratri


Lakshmi’s hand, 
be with Saraswati , the presence of 
Ganesha with 
the blessings of Goddess Durga 
, the light in your life will be the light, the 
auspicious Navratri


Mother’s court, punished with red color, 
joyful heart, flowing world, 
Mothers come from your holy steps, 
Congratulations to you this Navaratri festival.

happy navratri


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